I’m looking for a colour that is not listed, is it possible to order it?
Yes, it is possible, just send an email to SlamminTipsnToes@gmail.com and you’ll receive a reply within 48 hours.


How do I make payment?
At the moment, the only options are online banking / bank deposit method. Once you’ve made payment, send an email to SlamminTipsnToes@gmail.com with the payment details, and Order ID. Once your package has been sent out, you will receive an email containing your tracking number.


Help! I can’t track my package using the tracking number provided.
Pos Malaysia may be slow to update the delivery status, so it may state that the record is not found. The status of your package will probably be reflected over the next couple of days.


I don’t like the colour I purchased, can I change it?
No, exchanges are not allowed as not many people want 2nd hand products.